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Finally, something to battle gravity in your car. Stop allowing things to fall off your lap or off the chair when driving with this new Super Sticky Pad product. Itís so easy to use and will last you for years. You simply stick it onto anything (your dashboard, refrigerator, office table, window, whatever you can think of!) and then stick your phone, money, pen, notepad or anything to the other side and it will hold! It wonít leave any stickiness on your object when you take it off and you can re-use it for over 5 years. When the Super Sticky Pad gets dirty you simply give it a rinse with water, dry it up and re-use it, itís that simple.

Leaves no residue / marks even on white walls
When dirty, rinse with water and itís like new again


Sticky pads: S$3.00 per piece


BriteSide Miracle Wash


RRP S$15.00 per bottle


now S$9.00 per bottle


BriteSide Windshield Protectant


RRP S$10.00 per bottle


now S$6.00 per bottle


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