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Bio-Synthetic SHP Motor Oil





Product Data Sheet:




Our prices: S$18 per quart


Since 1993, these unique, first of their kind, High Performance Biobased Motor Oils have proven exceptional performance in the racing world, and they are the lubricants of choice for top performing world and national champions.  These high performance racing oils have exceeded the performance of conventional petroleum based products and have shown performance equal to and better than synthetic formulas.  Excellent performance has also been experienced from the heavy loads (3000 HP @ >9000 RPM) of IHRA Seven Time World Champion alcohol fueled dragster to the high-temperature, long-term endurance, championship, road racing.

High Performance Benefits Using Stabilized HOBS:    

Excellent Oxidation Stability

Independent standardized bench tests and field studies have shown that the Stabilized HOBS will perform as good as or better than mineral and synthetic base stocks.  This patented Stabilized technology allows the HOBS to perform as a high performance formula in high-temperature applications, reducing oil thickening and deposits.

Superior Viscosity Stability

Stabilized HOBS produces a super high Viscosity Index (VI) that is higher than conventional mineral and most synthetic based stocks (avg. 220 VI compared to mineral oil at avg. 100 VI).  This means the HOBS will have less thermal shear (viscosity breakdown) at high temperature and improved oil pressure.

Excellent Mechanical Shear Stability

Stabilized HOBS also has excellent mechanical shear stability that allows the engine to run for longer intervals at higher RPM with greater fluid protection.  This Mechanical Shear Stability and Superior Viscosity Stability combination will provide more power output with reduced blow-by in the ring and cylinder area.  In conventional engines, this could transfer into increase fuel economy and/or reduced emissions.

Superior Extreme Pressure Performance

Stabilized HOBS produces an oily, polar effect on the metal surface that enhances pressure absorption at lower temperatures, improving lubricity, and reducing start up friction.  The natural oiliness of the base oil is enhanced with the best Extreme Pressure chemistry to produce optimum anti-wear and extreme pressure performance, providing excellent engine durability.  Independent, standardized, bench studies have shown that this technology has more than doubled the extreme pressure performance over conventional motor oil formulas.

Superior Low Volatility Performance

According to NOACK (International Standardized test for Volatility), the HOBSs have significantly less volatility over solvent refined petroleum (HOBS <1% compared with petroleum >15%).  This means the Stabilized HOBS lubricant will perform at higher temperatures with less evaporation than mineral and synthetic based stocks.  This reduces oil consumption and volatile oil pre-detonation in top cylinder areas.

Superior Low Foam Tendency

According to ASTM D-892 sequence I, II, III and ASTM D-6082 High-temp foam tests, the Stabilized HOBS have performed with zero foam and when formulated into the formulation, have performed better than comparative petroleum and synthetic based stocks.  This will allow the HOBS to perform better in high performance, oil pump systems under high volume and/or pressure.  Less foam means a better lubricating fluid film and steady oil pressure during extensive operation.

Superior Flash and Fire Safety

No matter how professional the racing program, accidents and catastrophic failure can happen.  Reports have already come back on the safety features of HOBS formulas showing reduction of oil fire incidents combined with the explosiveness of fuels.  The high flash of over 6000F (COC 3200C) can be an exceptional benefit during serious catastrophic failure due to problems from fuel systems and timing malfunctions, creating engine explosion and/or hot oil fires.

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